Gibson Peghead

The Golden Era of the Gibson Thinlines

The anonymous owner of this beauty says... "This is an interesting ES-330. It appears to be custom ordered as it has a factory bigsby but also factory original kluson double ringed tulip tuners which were original for the day but not to ES-330s. It spent most of it's life in Michigan, I understand, with the original owner. The pickups howl of course, particularly the bridge pickup which reads at 8.45 ohms. The neck profile is very much an early 60 feel with a a thin depth and a wide fingerboard. The weight is 6.5 lbs exactly."

"I have been told that there were just 4 black ES-330's made of this vintage. Gibson production charts that I have seen do not disclose any were made. I have seen one other in the past year that was for sale in the UK, and another was owned by Ketih Richards I am told. It has the original brown / pink hardshell case. The only thing that I question may not be original to the guitar is the switchtip. I seem to see predominantly yellow switch tips for this year. Also I am not aware of whether Gibson was putting a "Custom" designation on the truss rod cover at this time....this one appears to be original. Any knowledge of whether white switch tips appeared on 50's Gibson hollowbodies would be appreciated. This guitar has found a permanent home in Denver, Colorado."

1960 Gibson ES-330 FON #R6780-4

58_face case pickups controls checking bridge
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