Gibson Peghead

The Golden Era of the Gibson Thinlines

This beautiful 1961 ES-335TDC comes to us courtesy of Jon Kaas. It is in near mint condition. Jon bought it from the original owner, pictured then and now in one of the photos.

Note that the tailpiece on this one is actually a wrap tail rather than a typical stud. It came that way from Gibson.

Jon says, "I was in a band with some friends and the drummer really wanted his buddy Vince to sing. It didn't really work out but Vince talked about his Dad's guitar and showed me this nice 335.  Well I moved (this was Ventura CA) and worked on the east coast but got a job back in CA. I tried like crazy to get this 335 as it turned out to be a hardly used 61. Vince would never let it go but finally we reached a price that hurt me but made him happy! It came with the original strings on it and in the orignal softer case and a mint little Gibson Skylark amp with original Gibson labled tubes."

Thanks Jon.

1961 Gibson ES-335TDC #40359

61 Front 61 Back 61 Bridge 61 PAF 61 Peghead 61 Two Piece
1961 Sunburst 335