Gibson Peghead

The Golden Era of the Gibson Thinlines

This remarkably figured 1962 ES-335 was recently acquired by Bill Fajen, who also shares his 61 ES-345 with us. I have never seen a 335 with this much birds-eye figuring.

I personally spent some quality time with this guitar and beleive me, it is a winner. Very nice size and shape to the neck, not at all too slim, as some find some 62s. This one feels great, sounds great, and looks remarkable. The tuners are repro but the somewhat shrunken originals are in the case.

One shot poses it in front of a spectacularly clean 1964 Fender Vinboverb.

Thanks Bill for letting me play it, and for letting me share it.

1962 Gibson ES-335TDC #44270

61 Front 61 Back 61 Bridge 61 PAF 61 Peghead 61 Two Piece
1961 Sunburst 335