Gibson Peghead

The Golden Era of the Gibson Thinlines

This beauty comes to us from Richard Homer in Gret Britain. here is what he says about it...

"I used to own a 1963 Fiesta Red Stratocaster, which was a truly great guitar. I ended up selling it in 1996 when I was short of money. Later that year, Eric Clapton played Manchester and performed 'Have You Ever Loved a Woman?' on his 1964 cherry red 335. I decided at that point I wanted one - it had to be the same colour and year (I was born in 1964).

In 2003, my dream came true. The guitar was bought privately and for a good price, as it had had a head-stock repair (a crack, rather than a break). I wasn't overly concerned by this, as I am a player rather than a collector and generally hold the view that guitars which have been well used are the really good ones! I removed the factory Bigsby and 'Custom Made' plate and fitted a stop-bar.

I still have the original parts, so the guitar can be returned to stock in the future. Even played acoustically, this guitar has a singing sustain that allows a level of expression that no amount of gain, exotic inlays or fancy tops can provide. I've nearly always been a 'Fender man' - but this is my favourite electric guitar."

Thanks Richard.

1964 Gibson ES-335TDC #66202

64 Face 64 Figure 64 pickup 64 back Pickups Bigsby
1964 Cherry 335