Gibson Peghead

The Golden Era of the Gibson Thinlines

From the owner, RAB on the Les Paul Forum, this is a fine example of an early block marker ES-335, in this case a cherry red 1962 ES-335TDC. It has a pair of PAFs (reading 7.2 ohms and 7.5 ohms for neck and bridge positions respectively). The guitar has a large, chunky neck profile. Originally ordered from the factory with a vibrato tailpiece and the "Custom Made" plaque over the stop tailpiece receptacles, the "Flash Gordon" contraption was removed and the appropriate stop tailpiece and studs fitted. The guitar is in near mint condition but sounds so good it has to be played! It is fun that this guitar is only 2 digits away from another '62 cherry red block marker on the site, 76694!

Thanks so much Roger.

1962 Gibson ES-335TDC #76696

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