Gibson Peghead

The Golden Era of the Gibson Thinlines

Here is a 1962 Sunburst ES-335TD. Note in the sunbirst finish that the brown is more solid and extends completely through the horns. This quite common for this era. This particular guitar originally came with a Bigsby tailpiece. The holes are visible in the top.

These photos come to us courtesy of Charlie Gelber, who also provided a 1959 ES-345. Charlie says the neck on this one is very thin but retains the 1-11/16" width. It has early Patent No. pickups with readings of 7.75 and 7.22.

Charlie also runs a blog dedicated to discussing ES-335/45/55 Gibsons.

1962 Gibson ES-335TD #86270

64 Face 64 Figure 64 pickup 64 back 64 peghead 64 Klusons
1964 Cherry 335