Gibson Peghead

The Golden Era of the Gibson Thinlines

This an early unbound ES-335T in Natural. A rare beast indeed and a very early example, likely around June of 1958.

This guitar is an excellent example of an early low angle neck, notice how close the bridge sits to the top. And compare the neck angle to the 64 shown in the History & Construction section. This is set more deeply into the body than later versions.

Looks like there has been a little damage to the area around the output jack.

But check out those subtle flames. Gorgeous.

Special thanks to Rick Norman, Dr. Vintage, for these photos, and to my good friend and Les Paul Forum member mcloudnine for letting us share this very rare and early example of a vintage blond dot neck.

1958 Gibson ES-335TN #A27788

58_face Full Body tuneamatic Bridge Neck Joint Serial NUmber
Full Face