Gibson Peghead

The Golden Era of the Gibson Thinlines

This an early unbound ES-335T. Sometimes on the early ones, Gibson left of the TD and simply called them ES-335T.

This is a beautiful example of an unbound dot neck. And look at the cool Brazilian rosewood in the fingerboard. The other significant difference from later examples is the neck set and height of the bridge. These early ones had very low neck angles and necks that were set deeper into the body, requiring a very low ABR-1. In some cases, though not on this example, which has a full-size ABR-1, they are actually shaved thinner in order to set correct string height.

This wonderful example comes to us courtesy of Tom Wittrock, a well-known collector, vintage guitar expert, great player and singer and all around nice guy. Tom is also the host of the Vintage Les Pauls area of the Les Paul Forum.

1958 Gibson ES-335T #A28098

58_face Full Body tuneamatic Bridge Neck Joint Serial NUmber
Full Face