Gibson Peghead

The Golden Era of the Gibson Thinlines

This is the very first Cherry ES-335 ever made. The Gibson ledger shows it on December 15, 1958 and the label reads Special, probably referring more to the stereo wiring than the color.

The picture comes courtesy of Dave Hinson at Killer Vintage in St. Louis. Here is the story... "I found this guitar in the early days of Gbase in 1996. A lady was taking bids on it only in writing. I mailed a bid to her then waited a few months and contacted her by phone this time. She said I had been the high bidder but someone told her it was worth more. I ended up buying the guitar. Flew to Reno NV then drove to Alturis CA to her house.
When I got there the guitar was in the case but sitting in the fireplace! Her husband went outside to get the amp from under the porch. It was the GA-83S in the picture. Her father had apparently taken the guitar and amp as payment on a debt in the late 50's/ early 60's.
The Special on the label was that it was wired stereo from the factory. I was freaked when I got back to Reno and only one pickup worked!! Then I realized why."

Thanks so much Dave for such a rare instrument. The guitar is believed to now reside in England.


1958 Gibson ES-335T #A28800

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