Gibson Peghead

The Golden Era of the Gibson Thinlines

This beautiful example of a 1959 Gibson ES-335T comes courtesy of Mr. Billy Loosigian, guitar-player extraordinaire and a great aficionado of vintage guitars. Billy has played with many of the greats and holds his own with all of them.

Take a look at the close up shot and you will see some pick wear right next to the guard, as well as some very cool mineral streaks in the maple along with some great weather checking. A few bird's eyes visible on ths one, too. And is that the original strap?

I have to say that I like these weathered and slightly worn guitars better than any mint ones I've ever seen. I love the fact that they have been well-played by players as great as Billy.

Billy also shows off a 62 here as well. Thanks Billy.


1959 Gibson ES-335TD #A30117

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