Gibson Peghead

The Golden Era of the Gibson Thinlines

This is one of three guitars sent to me by Rusty. Thanks Rusty.

This is a great-looking ES-335 TD in the same serial number range as my favorites. Every guitar I have played in the A308XX range has been superb. The guys in the factory were making the perfect necks in this range, just a great feel to them.

I love the shot of the top carve. Just look at the arch in those horns.

This particular guitar weighs in at a nice weight 7lbs. 14oz.

Rusty also shares with us a 1961 Cherry 335 and a one-owner 1963 Sunburst 335.

1959 Gibson ES-335TD #A30859

1959 ES-335TDN 1958 TDN Full pickups controls Bridge Stinger
1959 Natural 335