Gibson Peghead

The Golden Era of the Gibson Thinlines

This is a really rare beast. A bonafide 1959 Cherry 335. Heard many rumors over the years but I have never seen one until now. Very special instrument.

Here is what the owner says about it... "With the exception of a few nicks on the back of the neck, this guitar is mint. Weight 7lb 6oz. Width at nut = 1.65 inches. Body depth = 1.69 inches. Pickup impedance measured at the end of a short guitar cable attached to the output jack with the tone and volume set at 10: Neck: 8.5, Bridge: 8.9.
The thickness of the neck is not as thin as a mid 1960 and not as fat as an early 1959.

What a beautiful and rare guitar. Thanks so much, Al, for letting me share this one.


1959 Gibson ES-335T #A31604

59 Face Full Back peghead tuners bridge controls
1959 Sunburst 335