Gibson Peghead

The Golden Era of the Gibson Thinlines

Tom Bukovac is one of the few Nashville session players players to extensively use vintage guitars for his work. On top of it, he uses 335s quite often.

This one is a beautiful example of a 1959 Blonde ES-335. Tom calls it the best guitar he has ever played. Note the fairly extensive play wear. After these pictures were taken, Tom reinstalled the original Bogsby and that is the way he now uses it

Tom has shared 3 other guitars with us... a 1958 ES-335, a 1959 ES-355 Mono, and a 1960 ES-335TD. Thanks so much Tom for sharing your guitars with us.

You can see Tom playing this 1960 ES-335 by clicking this link to youtube.


1960 Gibson ES-335TDN #A33042

1959 ES-335TDN 1958 TDN Full figure      
1959 Natural 335