Gibson Peghead

The Golden Era of the Gibson Thinlines

This beautiful 1963 ES-345 comes courtesy of Jerry Kirkwood.

Jerry says, "My Dad worked at a Music store, (Music Lab Inc. Lansing Il.) when a guy brought it in to sell. It was in an old beat up chipboard case that someone stenciled "Soul Machine" on. Amongst the people around me at the time, the name stuck. People always ask me, "Do you still have the soul machine?" My Dad saw I was serious about playing so he bought it for me. That was probably around 1984 my best recollection. I was still in high school. When I first got it, Jim Decola (FMI) was the guitar tech there and he re-fretted it, installed a graphite nut and wired it mono for me. The guitar has a very thin, fast neck for a Gibson. The pu's are pat# examples. Right now I have a local luthier restoring the stereo capability. Looking forward to getting it back to see the difference."

Great looking guitar Jerry. I really like the back on that thing. Thanks for sending it.

1963 Gibson ES-345TD Serial #100529

1963 ES-345TD Bridge pickups      
Full Face