Gibson Peghead

The Golden Era of the Gibson Thinlines

A very rare 1959 ES-345TDN. Only 50 of these were made in 1959 and 1960. This particular one may have been the first. The ledger sheet shows the guitar as the only 345TDN made on April 20, 1959, which is unusual. If it is not the first, then it was a custom order because it was the oly one in the batch, which Gibson did not typically do.

The shot of the perfect early 59 Mickey Mouse ear shows a little bit of bird's eye.

Note the black Varitone ring, which was changed to gold late in 1959. Also the white edge paint on the f-hole.

One picture shows the guitar with a Gibson GA-79RVT Stereo amp probably made in 1962.

This guitar is from my own collection.

1959 Gibson ES-345TDN #A29656

58_face Full Body tuneamatic Bridge Neck Joint Serial NUmber
Full Face