Gibson Peghead

The Golden Era of the Gibson Thinlines

Here is a bautiful Cherry ES-345 from 1959 owned by player and collector Rich Russell. This is a really rare beast. No one really knows how many Cherry 345s were made in 1959 because they aren't noted in the shipping logs. There are four shown on this site (this one, A31022, A31412, and A31413) and there are rumors of one more. This is the earliest.

The two guys I know who have played it, Rich and its previous owner, say it is one of the fineest instruments they have ever played. I have no reason to doubt that since every early 345 I have played is a winner.

Rich was inspired to find one of these rare guitars after seeing Charlie Daughtry's.

Thanks Rich for sharing this guitar here.

1959 Gibson ES-345TDC Serial #A30993

58_face Full Body tuneamatic Bridge Neck Joint Serial NUmber
Full Face