Gibson Peghead

The Golden Era of the Gibson Thinlines

This gorgeous 1959 ES-345TD comes courtesy of Charlie Gelber. It is a late 59 with the gold varitone ring.

When Charlie got the guitar, it had a short guard on it, which he has since replaced with the more correct long guard.

Charlie says, "The rest was definitely 59 - from the serial number to the big fat neck, proper bonnet knobs, plastic strap buttons, no wire ABR-1 and the thinner body. It sounded great but I wanted to make it right and I had a pair of PAFs in the parts bin, so I flipped the magnet in one of them, hooked them up and it sounded even better. In stereo, through my Gibson GA 79RVT stereo amp, this guitar sounds like God.

Charlie has been playing guitar since 1964 and says that of all of his extensive collection, this is the guitar he plays the most. He also provided a 1962 335.

Charlie also runs a blog dedicated to discussing ES-335/45/55 Gibsons.

1959 Gibson ES-345TD Serial #A32157

58_face Full Body pickups bridge varitone checking
Full Face