Gibson Peghead

The Golden Era of the Gibson Thinlines

No, I did not put the pictures in backwards. What we have here is a very rare 1960 left-handed ES-345TD.

This guitar is a very early 1960 so shares many attributes with the 1959 examples.

Very few left-handed ES-3X5 instruments were made during the vintage era, and even fewer survive in the condition of this 8.5 example. Save for a re-fret and replacement tuners (originals are in the case with decayed buttons) , this guitar is all original and has the ‘60’s neck profile. The  ’59-era features include a stop tailpiece, long pick guard, “stereo” truss rod cover, and bonnet knobs. The pickups are out of phase and there is at least one cream bobbin – the covers have never been off.  Like most lefties of the era, position dots occur on both sides of the fingerboard. This guitar also has the shallow neck angle and is set up and plays/sounds beautifully.

This guitar is displayed cortesy of Les Paul Forum member ES335TD. Thanks ES.

1960 Gibson ES-345TD Serial #A33701

58_face Full Body pickups bridge varitone checking
Full Face