Gibson Peghead

The Golden Era of the Gibson Thinlines

This one comes from Les Paul Forum member Dire Wolf. He sasy...

"1960 Gibson ES-345TDC, 100% original in EXC condition with OHSC. Factory stop tail with Varitone intact. Her name is Rosie. I purchased this guitar locally from the original owner's son.

The Cherry Red is perfect: not too light(to remind you of orange) and not too dark(to remind you of blood). Really stunning unfaded color with nicely figured wood underneath; this is the vintage guitar with absolutely the coolest vibe I've ever owned! Has the long guard, black bonnet knobs, amber switch tip, gold-plated Varitone ring(very faded), DARK Brazilian rosewood fingerboard(with no deep grooves unlike my prior '62), slimmer 1960 neck profile. Man, there's nothing like a Cherry Red early 60s ES 3xx guitar!

When I got the guitar, all 6 tuner tips were shrunken badly, so I replaced the tips only. Being lefty, and realizing I couldn't part with this guitar, I had the guitar professionally inspected and converted to Lefty by Scott Freilich of Top Shelf Music in Buffalo. It was a pretty simple procedure and easily reversible if a righty were to play it. The original ABR-1 bridge is in the case and was replaced with a wide-track bridge to allow for proper intonation; original nut is still on the guitar. Frets are original and have been leveled with lots of life left. The PAFs are original and spectacular. Neck PAF: 8.39K Ohms, Bridge PAF: 8.83K Ohms.

Also includes original Varitone instruction sheet and strap. Fellas, I'm still in love with Rosie; she's totally unreal!"

Dire Wolf also shares a 60 ES-330, a 64 ES-330, and a 62 ES-345. Thanks so much Dire Wolf.

1960 Gibson ES-345TDC #A33896

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