Gibson Peghead

The Golden Era of the Gibson Thinlines

Here is a beautiful vintage ES-345 courtesy of "Blewsbreaker."

And here is what he says about it... "I purchased this guitar in 1999. It was 100% stock when I got her.
The original tuners were crumbling and replaced them with Kluson replacements and the ABR-1 was replaced with a Tone Pros version. I kept all the original parts.
The pickups measure 8.1k and 7.9k but this is the LOUDEST guitar I own. It's truly a Blues and Rock Monster. The varitone and stereo are still intact and it sounds great through my Gibson GA-79 RVT (in stereo) and all my Marshalls using a stereo to mono cable."

I have to agree that a GA-79RVT is great companion to a 345.

1960 Gibson ES-345TDC Serial #A35123

58_face Full Body pickups bridge varitone  
Full Face