Gibson Peghead

The Golden Era of the Gibson Thinlines

Vintage ES-335 Cutaway View

Cutaway center block of a Gibson ES-335.

Vintage ES-335 Interior Kerfing

Kerfing used to support the rim/top joint.

Vintage ES-335 Mahogany Tailblock

The mahogany tail block between the rims and the maple center block.

Vintage ES-335 Cutaway Center Block

Back, kerfed spruce and maple block cutaway.

The Interior of an ES-335

My good friend Bill Fajen supplied me with several photos of a carcass of what is believed to be a 1964 ES-335. The center block, from the bridge to the neck has been removed but it shows much about the interior of a 335.

The top has been removed and you can see the tailpiece stud hole in what remains of the center block. The top originally sat on a piece of kerfed spruce, which has also been removed. The kerfed spruce supporting the back is still there. The kerfed spruce supporting the top can be seen on the laminations page.

Next you see the kerfing added to support the joint of the top and back to the rims. In this example, the material appears to be mahogany. In other examples, Gibson is believed to have used basswood. I have seen examples of both and there does not seem to be much correaltion to the year of construction. Sometimes mahogany, and sometimes basswood.

The next photo shows the mahogany ebd block fitted between the rims and the maple center block.

The last photo is a cutaway view showing the laminated back, the kerfed spruce layer and the maple center block.