Gibson Peghead

The Golden Era of the Gibson Thinlines

Vintage ES-335 Laminations

4-ply laminations in the top of a 1959 ES-335. You can also see the kerfed spruce layer that seperates the top from the center block.

Vintage ES-335 Back Laminations

4-ply laminations from the back of a 1964 ES-335.

Laminations of the top, back and sides

There is some debate about the number of laminations in a 335 and the materials used. The photos I have all show four laminations in the top and the material appears to be all maple.

It has been written elsewhere that poplar was often used for the interior laminations and that the earliest examples were only three laminations. But I have no photos to confirm this.

The grain of inside and outside faces runs lengthwise to the body while the grain of the two interior plys runs across the body. Note the layer of kerfed spruce which seperates the top from the maple center block.