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Useful Websites

The Les Paul Forum is a bulletin board site primarily devoted to discussions of the Gibson Les Paul, but the Other Gibsons section contains excellent information on ES-335s and other thinlines.

The Vintage Guitar Guy site contains a wealth of information and specifications on vintage guitars of all types and years.

Rick Norman, also known as Dr. Vintage, provides new wiring harnesses, pickups, project work and tremendous expertise at Dr. Vintage. Rick also has a great white paper on the history of Kluson and a reference guide to Vintage Gibson components.

Great photos and an accounting of the known serial numbers on 1958-60 Les Pauls can be found at The Burst Serial Log.

Nacho Banos, author of the highly acclaimed Blackguard Book, has a site, Telecaster Planet, which is a wonderful resource for all things Telecaster with great photos and detailed information on early blackguard Tele's.

There is a new blog at devoted to conversations about ES-335/45/55 guitars run by a friend of ine named Charlie. Visit and join the conversation.

If you need parts to restore vintage guitars, try Kim LaFleur at Vintage Checkout.


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The Gibson 335, Its History and Its Players by Adrian Ingram, 2006, Hal Leonard Corporation.